Friday, 28 March 2014

African Grey For Sale, Young Talkative Parrot

African Greys are beautiful talkative Parrots and very intelligent. When you are looking to buy one then be sure you know all that there needs to be known about them.

African Grey For Sale  

It is always best to get hold of any Parrot when they are a young and hand fed, This way you can be sure the African Grey Parrot will learn to know you from early in life and will bond to humans much quicker. Just be sure to buy from reputable African Grey Breeders.

See the video below On African Grey Parrots for sale 

African Grey Parrot

The life expectancy of these exotic birds can be as much as 90 years and many live to outgrow their owners.
African Grey Parrot picture
They are also known as Grey parrots due to their color and are found in the primary and secondary rainforests of central Africa, Their diet consists of mainly Palm nuts, seeds and fruit. In order for them to have a long life then they must be fed healthy.

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